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Название: The Paradigm Shift
Исполнитель: Alphaville
Альбом: Prostitute
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    Let's dance, stop the fight, we do the paradigm shift tonight Yeah, it's a natural drift, all right And it's coming up out of the blur Out of your mind from the deep below The hidden harmonies discover Chaos - which means order For quietness is stronger than motion and silence is stronger than sound We're listening to the tone which is not played Nothing is what we want Quietness is stronger than motion, silence is stronger than sound Nothing is what we get But the holistic movement Yes, that is the way, do you hear the river flow? Do you hear it? Yes. You talked yourself into wrong questions You don't care about the answers You let others be the good ones You're a part of the death-bringing system There is no place where you can hide Stop! Chasing the wrong gods of time Time kills You're lowering hopes much too much, getting into the grind much too much And losing faith in your abilities The loyalty to your beloved system of belief must surrender To chaos which means order, evolution's not model of yours For quietness is stronger than motion... ... Do you hear it?

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