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Название: Monkey in the Moon
Исполнитель: Alphaville
Альбом: Salvation
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Once I was so sure, once I was so blind Wonder what you said if you read my mind Angel in a car, devil on a cross Scarecrows in the fields, Jesus on the rocks Letters in the rain. Rabbit on the run God was made for you, lizards for the sun Monkey in the moon, I can see you through Monkey in the moon, this one's made for you Mssage understood? Flower in a word, words without a priest Wings without a bird, beauty without beast Signal overkill, trains are overdue Fool upon a hill, ocean overview Letters in the rain... Fool upon a hill, trains are overdue Except what we forgot nothing's really new Head above the clouds, eyes are opened wide Windmill burning down, walk into the light Walk into the light Monkey in the moon... Letters in the rain This one's made for you

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