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Название: Song For The Suspect
Исполнитель: American Head Charge
Альбом: The War Of Art
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    I can still watch those eyes crawling over her dress until I could show you everything but I don't have to hear the words cause I already feel your thoughts so it comes as no surprise that all the intent is real and all the suspects are right and if we stop it all falls down cover my eyes obey my ignorance to purify you I'll only watch you rot without malicious intent your doubt resembles someone else stick the needles in me stick the needles in stick the needles in stick the needles in and if we watch it all come down breath and let it go dropped and winding... fuck your confession fuck your confusion dissolve my insides and make it hide crawling on dignity that which you do to me hold on forever the fair day we... weather.

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