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Название: Never Get Caught
Исполнитель: American Head Charge
Альбом: The War Of Art
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    freedom is everything resolve impossible you prayed for rain follow me now and I will drown you fill you full of reason no windows I'll take you to the dirty place that I love slipping on messes you made when I hit you makes me more excitable I'll never get caught I'll never get caught pull it tight I'll see right through it I'll never get caught cradle the difference in front of your fist force it down to bring it back up and make them listen one more time wrapping you up in an american flag I fuck you for the glory no complaints from my friends they keep their fucking mouths shut I couldn't care less about the way that you see me soothing I will never be I'll always get shit I'll always get shit for acknowledging perversity I'll never get caught never get caught

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