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Название: Seamless
Исполнитель: American Head Charge
Альбом: The War Of Art
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    stink-filled spasms deep in a colostomy bag I like being trapped inside the plastic's wearing out red and perfect her legs spread out in front of me they're so open they make me sweat it's my lubrication recent findings say circumcize the abstinent and make it hard for them to breathe I like to make you lie dropped and so ill steeped in my misogyny my shaking hands are in the skin I've gone too far too soon you look so seamless now she stared at me thinking I was sweet to it her legs tied up apart for me it feels so good inside now I'm thinking who's this that lies under me and needs a piece of my respect you make me so sick I'm crawling broken my face is cringing to see figures drawn inside of you succumb succumb succumb sickness fittings procured this fascist medium but now I'm laughing in your face you lie you lie you lie you look so seamless now take me take my life

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