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Название: Close To The Front
Исполнитель: Amy Winehouse
Альбом: Non-Album Songs
Язык: Английский

    Only paid attention in your lessons I Sat close at the front so I could see Your enthusiastic demonstrations Teaching to a class of only me And I couldn?t speak directly to you Without stuttering or turning red So looking back I don't know how I handled it, yeah Futile frustration in my head [Chorus 1x:] I can't help but analyze your actions, Neglecting mine Before I know I've fallen hard And now I tread water in time Hated it when I saw them together I sat around waiting for shit to end Unconsciously I tried to sabotage it To get revenge on my best friend Because I was in love with him before her I had just cause to grieve So not long after she broke up with him I got my closure on new years eve [Chorus 2x] I love all the bickering and insults And when I shout at you and you smile Making coffee while my mind spills over How I catch your art once in a while Shouldn?t I have grown a little wiser? Why haven't I learned my lesson yet? And although I have made my love progresses I tend to learn as much as I forget [Chorus 3x]

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