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Название: Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Исполнитель: Annie Lennox
Альбом: Medusa
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    (members/poindexter/poindexter) *it's a thin line between love and hate It's a thin line between love and hate It's five o'clock in the morning And you're just getting in A knock upon the door A voice sweet and low says (who is it? ) She opens up the door And she lets you in And never once does she say Where have you been? She says,hold it, Are you hungry,did you eat yet, Let me hang up your coat now And all the time she's smiling Never raises her voice It's five o'clock in the morning And you dn't give it a second thought (*repeat) The sweetest woman in the world Could be the meanest woman in the world If you make her be that way She might be holding something in That's really gonna hurt you One of these fine days There you are in the hospital Bandaged from foot to head In a state of shock That much from bein' dead You didn't think your woman Could do something like that to you You didn't think she'd got the nerve Actions speak louder than words Louder than words Louder than words Louder than words,come on Come on,baby,baby If you won't give a damn about me Come on baby,bay You don't really care about me Hear what I say Hear what I say

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