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Название: Love Is Blind
Исполнитель: Annie Lennox
Альбом: Songs Of Mass Destruction
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    Oh... sugar When ya gonna come? I spend my life gettin older But you still got me on the run When ya gonna come? Oh. . sweetness When will you mine? I spend my days getting' colder But I still want you all the time Oh the grass is growin greener On the other side Nothing else has meaning When I got you on my mind I so wanna see you Don't they say that love is blind? Oh love is blind Love is blind I got so much trouble gettin into this Can't decide if its hell or bliss Sometimes I feel like I dont exist Cut my veins and slit my wrists Goodbye Goodbye That's all she wrote As she tied that knot around her throat Wipe my eyes Dry my tears Wait for you for a thousand years Oh lover Make me yours again Even though your thrill is gone All my fellins still remain Even though your thrill is gone I'm gonna love you just the same Can't you see that i'm addicted To the notion of a someone Who could take me from this wretched state Save me from the bitterness and hatred of humanity Its so screwed up Tired of bein' down on luck Tired of bein' beaten up Tired of bein' so screwed up Tired of all this desperation Tired of all this mad frustration Tired of all the aggravation Sick and tired of devastation Give it some consideration

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