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Название: Womankind
Исполнитель: Annie Lennox
Альбом: Songs Of Mass Destruction
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    One more time for the womankind This is for the womankind Check it out Ooh baby's got precious eyes And when he smiles the sun comes shinin' To make the day seem like each cloud contains a silver linin' I would be so happy If he belonged with me forever But I know it's not to be It's not part of my destination I wish I had a lover who could turn this water into wine I wish I had a lover who could give me love at any time Wish I had so many things And all my wishes would come true It's got me thinkin' that I want to get too close to you Hear my prayer I'm tired of waitin ' Hear my prayer Give it a chance Hear my prayer I'm clearly statin' I need to change this circumstance You could be the best damn thing That hasnt happened yet to me You could be the best thing To come into my mythology We could have the kinda dream they call a great affinity Want to turn it into something like reality Hold me now I'm tired of waitin' Hold me now 1'm askin' you Hold me now No more anticipatin' Why won't you come to my rescue? Ooh babys got precious eyes And when he smiles The sun comes blastin' I wish that feellin' of contentment Would be everlasting I would be so happy To give him all my dedication I would be so happy But its only my imagination Ooh... This is for the womankind Ooh... Singin' for the womankiho Ooh... Thats right for the womankind Ooh... How many doors must I go through These constant dreams that I pursue I can see possibilities in you Yea here we go again Is this too good to be true? I had this thing galled love Still don't know what it is Maybe i've had enough Oh save me please All my wants are becoming needs Tell me what you feel Stripped bare for you to see Yea every desire go through the fire This is what I give of me If I could just be free Baby won't you rescue me? Baby won't you rescue me? Every desire go through the fire Lay me down I wanna be Under your skin

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