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Название: Betrayal / Forgiveness
Исполнитель: Apocalyptica
Альбом: Apocalyptica
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    All that I ever wanted To understand my nightmares Possesed by my fears Betrayed by my Pride Alone I wandered in the deepest Dark Seeking comfort from the vanity Each time I escaped the Real My soul died, died a bit more Confronting the evil within Praying for my angel to appear Agonized whisper into the emptiness Begging for salvation-salvation for this cursed mind Words without meaning Touch without feeling I do not recognize my own face Eyes that were once shining Now extinguished Left only a silent cold Sound of a tear falling down In the desperate hour of loneliness This shattered heart reaching For it's relief-the relief it can not find Glance without affection Kiss without sensitivity Promise without comprehension Love without hope I do not remember my own tale.. Betrayed by my Anger Betrayed by my Delusions Betrayed by my Lust (I wish) Strenght-to be released from my demons (I desire) Wisdom-to forgive the Past ...to forgive me

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