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Название: Every Time I Close My Eyes
Исполнитель: Babyface
Альбом: A Collection Of His Greatest Hits
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    Girl, it's been a long, long time comin' But I, I know that it's been worth the wait It feels like springtime in winter It feels like Christmas in June It feels like heaven has opened up it's gates for me and you And every time I close my eyes I thank the lord that I've got you And you've got me too And every time I think of it I pinch myself 'cause I don't believe it's true That someone like you Loves me too Girl, I think that you're truly somethin' And you're, you're every bit of a dream come true With you baby, it never rains and it's no wonder The sun always shines when I'm near you It's just a blessing that I have found somebody like you To think of all the nights I've cried myself to sleep You really oughtta know How much you mean to me It's only right that you be in my life right here with me

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