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Название: Simple Days
Исполнитель: Babyface
Альбом: Day
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    I was born on the north side of a Midwestern town There were nine of us living in a Three bedroom house Didn't have much money But we made due 'Cause Momma worked all day long And Daddy did too Did all they could Made sure we had clothes and food Went to public schools and we Followed public rules We used second hand books, but oh I didn't mind the books Momma taught us early in life Everybody's gotta struggle sometime Bring back those simple times of yesterday When a man was a man And a friend was a friend Bring back those simple times of yesterday When you said what you meant And you meant what you said Had a friend named Bobby Who always kept his word We went through schoolyard fights Had a thing for pretty girls Didn't cost much money to See the picture show So we hopped the bus into town That's where all the girlies used to go Fifty cents would buy us popcorn for two 'Cause Bobby's girl, she worked there And sometimes she'd break the rules Picnics in the summer Wouldn't wake up 'till noon And even though Bobby's gone now I can still hear him laugh In the middle of June Sometimes I sit, I wonder I reminisce, I think of all the good times That we had in our lives Sometimes I can't get over How wonderful those days were Back in our lives Simple days for simple times

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