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Название: Love with all the trimminggs
Исполнитель: Barbra Streisand
Альбом: GRAND Collection
Язык: Английский

    My dearest love who existed in a dream till this evening When a wave came and swept me out to sea, None of the loves that you known could prepare you For the love raging everywhere in me. For all the arms that have covered you, The hands that have touched you, And the lips you have lingered on before, Added together would be less than an olive In the banquet of love I have in store Love seasoned to entice, Love with all the trimmings Filled with spice, Love flavored to your whim Served piping hot with all the trimmings. Mmmm For I'll decode every breath and every sigh Till your every lover's wish is fulfilled before it's made, Toss in some jealousy and doubt Should it be required, Not rest till there's nothing more desired, Thus loving as I do Never never will you ever be untrue, Having love with all the trimmings Waiting all for you.

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