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Название: When in rome
Исполнитель: Barbra Streisand
Альбом: GRAND Collection
Язык: Английский

    When on foreign shores i am Very truly yours i am But if inclined to play i am Sweetheart, that's the way i am.... When in spain for reasons i don't explain I remain enjoying a brew Don't deplore my fondness for fundador You know how a fundador can lead to a few And baby when in rome i do as the romans do If per chance i'm saying farewell to france And romance drops in from the blue Cherchez l'amour i beg of you please endure My taking a brief detour with somebody new It's just that when in rome I do as the romans do And though from italy i lied to you prettily Oh don't think of me bitterly But know that i'm true Except now and then in rome, I get that old yearn in rome And naturally when in rome I do as the romans do й molto difficile resistere agli uomini di italia Per esempio, per esempio i biondi, I biondi di firenze, di venezia E i bruni di palermo, di milano... You know what i mean? If i write happily Best wishes from napoli Don't cable me snappily To tell me we're through Cause i'm once again in rome In somebody's den in rome Well honey, but when in rome I do as the romans do So just disregard the signs and the omens When in rome i do as the romans do... Veni, vidi, vince!

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