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Название: Electrify
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: Hello Nasty
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    Words comin forth like water from the tap Clap tracks line the spaces places papers people stack Back track through the minutes when the thoughts went insane I pulled the picture off the cover and blew out the mind games People say this is the playlist of the void non-bound But I can say this is the plainness of the peace I've found It's not the sorrow or the pity that we hope to dismantle It's the cast of past dice lighting both ends of the candles Scandelescent in the means I have dreamed on the schemes Reunited in the times of such picturesque scenes Can I get a witness to testify Open your eyes realize electrify So I plan and I scam and write it off on my taxes It's times like these I'll just go with the decisions of the masses And to the crowds who've come before with their profit massing ways To the greed that fucked it up and brought it down to today With pain I stand sane and remain holding strong Whilst all around me those who clowned me are now drowning by the throngs It's illogical the actions that are typically displayed A set back ain't all that much problem to invade So I will glow like a lantern on a new moon night I'll fight violence with these hands that weren't built to fight But like a furnace burning coal my goals are bound to burn in flames Whether achieved or dismantled by the agendas displayed Can I get a witness to testify? Open your eyes realize electrify

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