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Название: Front All That... Groove Holmes
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: Check Your Head
Год: 1992
Язык: Английский

    Still Here At Club 'Doin' The FuFu' We Now Bring You The Beastie Boys And Biz Markie... Thank You, Thank You Very Much... 1 2 We Getin' Ready To Get Funky In Here We Got The Beasie Boys They're My Boys M.C.A, Rock Rock On And My Man Mike D., Rock Rock On And The King ADRock, Rock Rock On My Man On The Conga, Rock Rock On I Can't Forget My Man On The Keyboards, Rock Rock On And My Man Cool V., Rock Rock On To The To The Beats Ya'll And You Don't Stop We Give You Over To The MC I Say Rock The Mic You Wanna Get Down With The Beat And Be The Likeings Of An MC, Go With The MC Talk Check Out The Brother Man, I'm From New York B. On C. Ubdia Ubdia Ubdia Ubdia Ubdia Ubdia Ubdia A. R. Bada Rbada K. And I'm Not Gonna Waka Wreck Your Day Now I Can Go all Night With The Rhymes That I Write Well Agree That Is Me 'Cause I Am Never Like Mylia A Hip A Hip Ya'll I Say Trip Ya'll You Wanna Get Down With The MC With The Back Bone Flip With The Boogaloo Flu I'm Down With The Crew Gotta Rock You, Waa You White Or Blue Or Black Or Green Shinnky Corse Of Yellow Would You Listen To Me I Don't Rhyme Accapello Did You Like The Drummer The Drummer Get Funky Get Funky Yo, Get Funky Drummer... That Sound . Ouuu ! Agh Yea Get Funky Everybody In On Three 1 2 3... Aghhh... This Is My New Band Biz Markie And The Beasie Boys Everybody Give It Up Yo, We Gotta Break Some Back Boys In Here I'm Gonna Sing For This And When You're Gettin' On Down With The Sounds That You Like You Know It's Me Biz Markie I Say I Do What I Like Well My Man The Origional King ADRock And My Man M.C.A. and My Man Mike Rock On The Drums In The Drum Of An MCC Did You Get The Legend Of The Aussi The Other Day R.O.K. Out Of The E. And You Are Like A Dree The Boo-Why Tribe In The Place To Be So What My Man, The King ADRock Gettin' Funky With The Rhymin That Just Don't Stop Say, Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam... Get Down Get Down Just Show You're Adam Abuda Abuda Abuda A. Or Daga-E Every Record That I'll Make I'll Aways Be And If You Think That You Can Get On Down Well Like A Sound That's Rockin' All Over the Town And If You Wanna Hear The S.K.V. And The Crew Thay Call The Beasie Esa-Q Love Said We Rock the House You Don't Wanna Doubt 'Em Cause We Turn The Party Out We In The Studio Of The Beasie Boys You Know We Have The One On The Noise With the Beat I Put In The Mouth And I Rock The Brothers Out I Get On That With A Sound I Turn The Party Out The Origional... Origional B. Down With My Man By The Name Of Mike D. Can't Forget M.C.A. And King ADRock And We Guarantee To But You In Shock That's What I Told You The Origional B. I See When I Go Rockin' With The Crew With My Man Plugin' Guitar And Plugin' The Bass It Don't Matter We Be Rockin' And Dogin' People's Face And Everytime That You Hear The Origional And You Know That I'm Never Here And Wanna Get Down 'Cause I Put You In a Trance Oh, You Wanna Get Funky... Hey We Gettin' Funky In Here I Get I Get I Get Funky... I Get I Get I Get Funky Funky... I Get I Get I Get Funky Funky... I Get I Get I Get Funky Funky... I Get I Get I Get Funky Funky... That Is Right Right About Now I'd Like To Say Good Night This Is A New Rendetion We Call It Gettin' Funky With The Beasie Boys Shit Check Out This Shake Yo We Gonna End It On A 1 2 3 Though Are You Ready 1 2 1 2 3 Aghhhh-Uhhh....

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