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Название: Slow Ride
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: Licensed To Ill
Год: 1986
Язык: Английский

    They got a committee to get me off the block 'Cause I say my rhymes loud and I say 'em nonstop Because being bad news is what we're all about We went to White Castle and we got thrown out I got my boy Mike D. . I got the King Adrock I got the jammy with the ammo inside my sock I shot homeboy but the bullet was a dud So I reached in the Miller cooler . grabbed a cool Bud Slow riding, gun hidin' on the go I'm fly like an eagle and I drink Old Crow I'm the king of the classroom . coolin' in the back My teacher had beef so I gave her a smack She chased me out of class 0 she was strapped with a ruler Went to the bathroom . rolled myself a wooler With bottle in hand at the microphone stand A. yo homeboy . what you drinkin' man I got money . I got juice I got to the party and I got loose I got rhythm . I got rhymes I got the girlies with the Def behinds I got ill . I got busted I got dust and I got dusted I got gold . I got funky I got the new dance . they call the Brass Monkey Because I'm hard hittin' . always biten . cool as hell I got trees on my mirror so my car won't smell Sittin' around the house . gettin' high and watchin' tube Eating Colonel's chicken . drinkin' Heineken brew I'm a gangster, I'm a prankster . I'm the king of the Ave. I'm hated, confrontated for the juice that I have All the fly ladies are making a fuss But I can't pay attention . 'cause I'm on that dust

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