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Название: No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: Licensed To Ill
Год: 1986
Язык: Английский

    No sleep 'til . Brooklyn Foot on the pedal . never ever false metal Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle My job's ain't a job . it's a damn good time City to city . I'm running my rhymes On location . touring around the nation Beastie Boys always on vacation Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable I do what I do best because I'm illing and able Ain't no faking . your money I'm taking Going coast to coast . watching all the girlies shaking While you're at the job working nine to five The Beastie Boys at the Garden . cold kickin' it live No sleep 'til - Another place . another train Another bottle in the brain Another girl . another fight Another drive all night Our manager's crazy . he always smokes dust He's got his own room at the back of the bus Tour around the world . you rock around the clock Plane to hotel . girls on the jock We're thrashing hotels like it's going out of style Getting paid along the way cause it's worth your while Four on the floor . Adrock's out the door M.C.A.'s in the back because he's skeezin' with a whore We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack With dice in the front and Brooklyn's in the back Ain't seen the light since we started this band M.C.A. . get on the mic my man Born and bred Brooklyn . U.S.A. They all me Adam Yauch . but I'm M.C.A. Like a lemon to a lime . a lime to a lemon I sip the def ale with all the fly women Got limos, arena, TV shows Autograph pictures and classy hos Step off homes . get out of my way Taxing little girlies form here to L.A. Waking up but I get to sleep Cause I'll be rocking this party eight days a week

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