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Название: Hold It Now . Hit It!
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: Licensed To Ill
Год: 1986
Язык: Английский

    Now I chill real ill when I start to chill When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills Sipping pints of ale out the window sill When I get my fill I'm chilly chill Now I just got home because I'm out on bail What's the time? . it's time to buy ale Peter eater . parking meter all of the time If I run out of ale . it's Thunderbird wine Miller drinking . chicken eating . dress so fly I got friends in high places that are keeping me high Dow with Mike D. and it ain't no hassle Got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle (chorus) Hold it now . hit it! M.C. . Adam Yauch in the place to be And all the girls are on me cause I'm down with Mike D. I'm down with Mike D. and it ain't no baloney For real, not phony . "O.E." and Rice-a-Roni I come out at night 'cause I sleep all day And I'm the King Adrock and he's M.C.A. Well I'm cruising, I'm bruising . I'm never ever losing I'm in my car . I'm going far and dust is what I'm using Around the way is where I'm from And I'm from Manhattan and I'm not a bum Because you're pud-slapping, ball-flapping . got that juice My name's Mike D. and I can do that Jerry Lewis (repeat chorus) Hip-hop, body rockin' . doing the do Beer drinking, breath stinking, sniffing glue Belly flipping, always illing, busting caps My name's Mike D. and I write my own snaps I'm a peep-show seeking on the forty-deuce I'm a killer at large and I'm on the loose Pistol packing, Monkey drinking, no money bum I come from Brooklyn 'cause that's where I'm from Cheap-skate, perpetrating . money hungry jerk Everyday I drink a "O.E." and I don't go to work You drippy nose knuckle-head . you're we behind the ears You like men . and we like beer. (repeat chorus) King of the Ave. with the Def female You're rhyming and stealin' with the freshest ale Cooling at the crib watching my TV Ed Norton . Ted Knight . and Mr. Ed Pump it up homeboy . just don't stop Chef Boy-ar-dee cooling on the pot I take no slack cause I got the knack And I'm never dusting out cause I torch that crack The King Adrock . that is my name And you're drinking Moet . we got the champagne A quarter dropping . going shopping buying wigs Surgeon general cut professor . D.J. Thigs (repeat chorus)

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