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Название: Brass Monkey
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: The Sounds Of Science
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Brass Monkey . that funky Monkey Brass Monkey . junkie That funky Monkey Got this dance that's more than real Drink Brass Monkey . here's how you feel Put your left leg down . your right leg up Tilt your head back . let's finish the cup M.C.A. with the bottle . D. rocks the can Adrock gets nice with Charlie Chan We're offered Moet . we don't mind Chivas Wherever we go with bring the Monkey with us Adrock drinks three . Mike D. is D. Double R. foots the bill most definitely I drink Brass Monkey and I rock well I got a Castle in Brooklyn . that's where I dwell Cause I drink it anytime . and anyplace When it's time to get ill . I pour it on my face Monkey tastes Def when you pour it on ice Come on y'all it's time to get nice Coolin' by the lockers getting kind of funky Me and the crew . we're drinking Brass Monkey This girl walked by . she gave me the eye I reached in the locker . grabbed the Spanish Fly I put it with the Monkey . mixed it in the cup Went over to the girl, "Yo baby, what's up?" I offered her a sip . the girl she gave me lip It did begin the stuff wore in and now she's on my tip (repeat chorus) Step up to the bar . put the girl down She takes a big gulp and slaps it around Take a sip . you can do it . you get right to it We had a case in the place and we went right through it You got a dry Martini . thinking you're cool I'll take your place at the bar . I smack you off your stool I'll down a '40 dog" in a single gulp And if you got beef you'll get beat to a pulp Monkey and parties and reelin' and rockin' Def, def . girls, girls . all y'all jockin' The song and dance keeping you in a trance If you don't buy my record I got my advance I drink it . I think it . I see it . I be it I love Brass Monkey but I won't give D. it We got the bottle . you got the cup Come on everybody let's get ffffff (repeat chorus)

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