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Название: Netty's Girl
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: The Sounds Of Science
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    K, goodevening everybody Everybody agh ready Did you go pass the leader on the cassette there Ohh, it's rollin, OK very good very good Alright everybody take one... 1 2 3 4... Hey there everybody I'd like to tell everybody out there A little story about, la someone that was very special to me This is a special song about that special someone About just how special things can be you know I'm sure everybody out there has gone Agh, felt, felt something very simmular to that And it can uhh, it can be the best thing It can be the worst thing It can make you feel great or... There Georgie Girl Oh Georgie girl Oh hey there Georgie girl You can kiss that old crumb crack guy goodbye Because you know agh yea baby you know You're on the one, the funky one Oh baby, yea Yo you know, I saw you that day you... How's your Girl Mike? Agh she's pretty nice man but I tell you yo I saw the other Girl at Netty's the other day And she had her shit together I'm talkin bout hip hop pow Boomin' system up top in the back Agh hey there Georgie Girl Georgie Girl Agh baby you look so nice You on the one You got your shit together Georgie Girl Yea you're looking so nice Georgie Girl Georgie Girl you know you're On the one Oh hey lonely Girl Yea that's right baby that was you the first time You know i saw you all alone I was on the boardwalk you know You know you were looking, agh Lookin a, agh a little bit lonely and uh You was squirting the water in the clowns mouth and everything But hey baby you know I would win the whole prize for you The whole nine yards, the, the ski ball tickets Everything baby, for you baby. Wether your into song wrighting or playing I think this album will help keep the creative energies flowing And to the magicians, I wish you many new tasty licks... Oh yea... I'm sorry the album took so long... That's insane, yo stupid Huh?

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