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Название: Don't Pass Me By
Исполнитель: Beatles (The)
Альбом: White Album
Год: 1968
Язык: Английский
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    Starkey I listen for your footsteps Coming up the drive Listen for your footsteps But they don't arrive Waiting for your knock dear On my old front door I don't hear it Does it mean you don't love me any more. I hear the clock a'ticking On the mantel shelf See the hands a'moving But I'm by myself I wonder where you are tonight And why I'm by myself I don't see you Does it mean you don't love me any more. Don't pass me by don't make me cry don't make me blue 'Cause you know darling I love only you You'll never know it hurt me so How I hate to see you go Don't pass me by don't make me cry I'm sorry that I doubted you I was so unfair You were in a car crash And you lost your hair You said you would be late About an hour or two I said that's alright I'm waiting here Just waiting to hear from you.

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