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Название: Hollywood Freaks
Исполнитель: Beck
Альбом: Midnite Vultures
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Hot milk Mmmm... tweak my nipple Champagne and ripple Shamans go cripple My sales go triple We drop lobotomy beats Evaporated meats On hi-tech street We go solo Dance floors and talk shows Hot dogs, No Doz Hot Sex in back rows I wanna know what makes you scream Be your twenty million dollar fantasy Treat you real good Expensive jeans Hollywood freaks on the Hollywood scene Touch it real good if you want a piece Party people know I'm that type of freak People look so snooty Take pills make them moody Automatic bzooty Zero to tutti fruitti Sex in the halls Niagra Falls Local shopping malls receive Anonymous calls Hot like a cheetah Neon mamacita Eat at tacoria Pop lockin' beats from Korea Looking like jail bait Selling lots of real estate Looking like a hot date Banging like an 808 Do you want to feel this? Do you want to feel this? Norman Schwartzkoff Something tells me you want to go home Champagne, bibles Custom clothes you own Calling up from special area codes Hollywood nuns with the Hollywood phones I got nothing to do, nowhere to go I'll tell you what you want If you want to know Satin sheets Tropical oils Turn up the heat Till the swimming pool boils Let all the neighbors Read it in the papers Making all those gentlemen cry Realistic tears Jockin my Mercedes Probably have my baby Shop at Old Navy He wish he was a Lady

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