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Ќазвание: Modesto
»сполнитель: Beck
јльбом: Stereopathetic Soul Manure
√од: 1994
язык: јнглийский

    you came, you went my mind it got a dent I couldn't make my rent 'cause all my cash was lent this town is filled with thousand-dollar-bills laminated songs contaminated lawns well we eat about fifteen times a day starin' through a bag of frito-lay and I play with the fire in the stove when my eyes peel out and my fingertips get cold well it's real and it's fake and it's flamin' like a steak and she's puttin' out my face with the rake oh honey you knew that you were my one and only blur unglued, depressed the meatloaf in my chest personality test I failed with the best and I stomped and I stormed and I passed out in your dorm then you hustled me outside I couldn't catch a ride but the subway trains speak to me now I'm browsing through the supermarket town and the girls don't talk when I'm around and I'm feelin' bad even though nothing's wrong chokin' on a breathmint that's cool yeah, that's cool

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