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Название: Shades Of Grey
Исполнитель: Biohazard
Альбом: No Hold's Barred: Live In Europe
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    I make now a stand for belief that I'm steadfast In hating all of the bullshit you give me about my future, Present and past Who are you to infringe your values upon me, I've learned the hard way Stepping on my toes, you've put my back to the wall, My back to the wall I've been told a thousand times to give respect when due Why do you find it so hard to believe I've got none for you It's my heart and my mind that I'll always follow, I will not break Nor will my balls, although that I've seen that you've tried before Why are people fake ? Maybe you're older, wiser in your own right, It's your mistake I'm gonna do my own thing regardless, my choice to make I am real, in touch with my feelings, and I know my place You have shown, on the other hand, both sides of your face I see the world in a different light Things no always black and white Through all these years still, to this day My hardened eyes see only shades of grey I would never try and tell you what was right from wrong Maybe that's why you feel that I don't belong Always put me down for things I've said and done Can't you see it's a war that can't be won A war that can't be won Living in your world seems so clear on concise Shutting out reality makes everything so nice Paint a pretty picture black and white everyday See my tattered canvass bleeding shades of grey

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