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Название: Waiting To Die
Исполнитель: Biohazard
Альбом: No Hold's Barred: Live In Europe
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Drug infested, narcotic, electric, schizophrenic, Murderer arrested, a child molested, a race detested, A building burnt down, insurance invested, Homelessness lingers all around, rape, death, sickness, Homeward bound unemployed, no love, no joy, Cut down to size, a life destroyed, war, no peace, Death, tragedy, no cure, disease, AIDS, leprosy, A veteran dead below the knee, eyes burn in your head, You cannot see. Spending all my time just standing in line, And I'm waiting, waiting to die, Watching every day of my life go by, Just waiting, waiting to die. Children beaten, poisons eaten, look at the world, We're self-defeating, Reputed, undisputedly polluted, Crack heads with guns ain't afraid to shoot it, Countries fighting for oil and gold while The hole in the ozone layer's out of control, Brother kills brother in a world full of hate, Too fucking late our heads on a plate, Nature's dying, children crying, Human race ass in a fucking pan frying, With no one to blame except ourselves, Greed transforms our earth into hell. Murder, Middle East assassination, Extermination, human termination, The war on drugs, humiliation, A ruined nation, with no explanation. Something to hide bound and gagged and tied, A gun in your hand at your head, suicide, It's censorship of my pure mind, No justice, no truce, no hope to find

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