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Название: Human Animal
Исполнитель: Biohazard
Альбом: State Of The World Address
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    The monster of hate overcomes rational thought Fast fuse burning the lessons I've been taught It's just too late to remember who I am The things that I believe in and the way that I stand About peace, harmony, respect for fellow man All that shit just got thrown against the fan In my violent rage, they say that I am a criminal There ain't no labels within the human animal In this world of bigotry and pain The violence spreads and terror reigns The opinions in our minds replace our souls As the human animal takes control The path of self-destruction has brought me to this point As modern day society cracks arthritic joints No mercy is shown, it's hitting all my weak spots I never had a gun, but now I wanna hear gun shots I sleep not for fear, I get no rest Twisted in a sense, 'cause my button has been pressed How many ways have you shown me that you hate me And then you wonder why what have you done to me lately I am an animal The human animal A human animal Tension building, I'm being pushed too far I need a release, take the lid of this jar My voice seems useless in this situation Time to take action, release frustration Everyone has limits, only so much you can take Antagonizing pressure is the icing on the cake Physical abuse, induced or subliminal Open the door, unleash the human animal Flashes of red my vision of distortion Like a virus, it spreads, giving each his portion Contagious psychopath, the vibe is in synch Movin' like a pack, we're back to basic instincts Wild at heart, now we show our true colors In the path of desperation, we forget about our brothers Who would die for us, now, we die for no man Deranged from the instance, violence came too hard Instinctual behavior in the given situation Leaves us with no call for rationalization

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