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Название: Cornered
Исполнитель: Biohazard
Альбом: State Of The World Address
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    Sometimes I feel it's a waste of time To listen to your shouting a wordless pantomime Can't you see it falls on deaf ears Filling me up with your point of view Your opinions are your own, I got mine too What I think don't mean nothing to you When the shit hits the fan And you're forced by the man Who holds the key to our promised land Don't misunderstand what's in the man's hand 'Cause it's all been laid out in the New World Plan Makin' me feel like a laboratory rat Without a mind of its own . diseased and fat I can't let my life go out like that 'Cause I'm an extra skeptic, a true eclectic I find it hard to trust all the people we've elected Take a look around, do you feel protected Like garbage in a dump our lives have been rejected A blind man leading the not so blind Creating false truth to fill our minds To listen to yourself would be a crime It all comes back to you some time Like it or not, they got a number on me I will not break for your demands Rabid, defensive, in the corner I stand Caught in a trap, the bait was free Like it or not, they got a number on me I can't trust anyone, they're all out to get me Gonna run until I can't run from the laws that ruin me Faster and harder so God help me flee From the lies that we're free and the powers that be That push the rich forward between you and me But agree to agree with no guarantee Of something to live for I'll die if need be I stand up for all as I fight to be free

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