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Название: Last Man Standing W/Sen Dog
Исполнитель: Biohazard
Альбом: Uncivilization
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Bring it on, here comes the mutherfucking pain There's a war in my, I can't take the strain Insane in the brain runnin like a freight train I feel no remorse, I feel no pain I'm the punisher kid an I'm taking you out Say you prayers son, it's the final death bout If I gotta take you out it don't mean a thing I'll be the last man standing Southside vato, anybody killer Body baggin fools try to scheme for the skriller I kill like old patrone tequila Your ass will be next if you try to deliver Any actions that are pre-meditated Snuff whole crews cuz that shit is out dated Bring my enemies to his knees and I'm blasting Sen Dog will be the last man standing My blood starts pumping, racin through my veins I'm a cold blooded killah stalking my prey The taste of blood gets me high I'll fight to the finish, I'll fight till I die I rise and stand against anybody or anything In the end I will be, I'll be the last man standing I'm gonna crash and bash and smash and bust your ass in half Feel the wrath, I'll blast you if I have to So bow down, respect to the master I'm the last man and my name is Disaster

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