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Название: Trap
Исполнитель: Biohazard
Альбом: Uncivilization
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Those who will not use their brains are no better Off than those who have no brains So this mindless school of jellyfish Become a useful beast of burden I can't get this fucking feeling outta my head You've gone and pushed me too far now I wish you dead Faith was something that I used to have But time has covered all the innosence with lies Pushing, pulling, do this, do that Would've known what I know now, it's a trap Rape and take from me what I make For you it's a job, for me a mistake Machines are made to destroy all that's sane I'll never forget you or your fucking name I can't take this no more, It's time that I hunt you down and kill you I've taken this as far as I'm gonna take it You get in my face, I'll fucking kill you Stay outta my way, let me be alone Get out of my life, I don't need you I've taken this as far as I'm gonna take it I'm gonna find a way to fucking kill you You pushed and pushed and pushed me over the edge Now I'm searchin for a way to have you fuckin head Watch the life flow from your veins as I get hard Think of all the pain you caused me as I discharge My blood is pumping fast through the heart that you scarred As the bodies of my enemies float on by Now I've got this picture floating in head, You lying in front of me covered in red Satisfaction from all I've achieved, The smell of your rotting flesh, I heave

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