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Название: iQue Dices?
Исполнитель: Black Eyed Peas
Альбом: Behind The Front
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    We be fallin up like growin Niggas don't be knowin our styles we be showin Extraterrestrial complete show em Sure, shoney men bring on the spear flow em Up in the air, into their athmosphere Let em know we tooken some shit right here There's no way of knowing where we going from here But we're prepared to enter war they declare Motion to motion, we be like ghostin Black Eyed Peas contain the rhyme with the potion Got your emotion mingling with us Any animosity now it's time to hush Feel the fuckin rush Chorus (2x): Say what if you feelin it (Say what, say what) I know you feelin it (Say what, say what) Say what if you feelin it (Say what, say what) I know you feelin it (Say what, say what) Really y'all, here's how to be free Just open your mind and relax with the Peas Let us call our mellow crew, help you out to peep the ease Like a thirty-five mile cruise, steady summer breeze Run into your town, run into her town Feelin my sound spreadin around We spreadin around like the plague I got you movin hips, necks and legs I'm closed to the end So push me, we magic like hocus We be fallin up like oh shit Some shit, that you won't see Some shit that you can't lose Some shit that can only be down by you know who Whatever double the W-I to the L-L For owning the extraterre-es-tre-el-el Rockin you the cool-ass rhymes The cool-ass rhymes, some cool-ass rhymes Some cool-ass rhymes Chorus (2x) My job is to mainly hypnotize I'ma take over the charts and maneuver through the eyes Visually on stage, the Peas, we multiply While equalling the sums of only one try First is my scarf that presented of the pile Second adjust my bust that really sound fly Third gain the zone, the Washa has arrived Fourth keep my mind and my song online We purchasin dues that remain state of mind Equipped with all cultures, a piece of color blind We keep it on the positive 'cause it is hard to find Keep it on the positive 'cause it is hard to find Say what Chorus (2x) Say what if you feelin it (Say what, say what) Say what (Say what) Say what (Say what) Say what (Say what) What, what nigga Say what What nigga

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