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Название: Cali to New York
Исполнитель: Black Eyed Peas
Альбом: Bridging The Gap
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    [Verse One] As soon as A La stepped off (the floor) People started hollerin (for more) Beggin us to bless 'em with an (encore) You know the Peas they game to that (for sure) No matter what the coast we, be on Pacific or Atlantic we, stay strong Foreign or domestically, we conquer all obstacles professionally and rock on And that's exactly how we made it rock (made it rock) We turn this on and then we make it hot (make it hot) We also known to cause a state of shock (state of shock) We start at 2 then go to 10 o'clock (10 o'clock) 10 o'clock the next day that is (day that is) No matter what city or state that is (state that is) Don't ask no questions, that's the way that is (way that is) Don't ask no questions, that's the way that is [Chorus . 4x] Back, back, back, back, and forth from Ca-li to New York [Verse Two: Pos] Introduce Posdonus y'all ('Nus y'all) Sticky like cous-cous y'all (cous y'all) Be the words that I ap-ply (ap-ply) My peeps mass, karma N.Y. (N.Y) Check it out, you see you other emcees, sound like brother emcees Raised by the same pop and mother emcees While I got a lot of brand in my name, I'm recognizable Leavin me the cash amount, that's quite sizable Rich in that english that's broke as hell That's why my niggaz in the hood understand me so well Its the modern rap type talk used to walk, all over your ears You hear the thump, this track pumps like, well order Some others fell short of the line of finish You didn't practice harder at the scrimmage Now my image is the golden cup My career is dirty compared to yours, it's all washed up [Chorus . 4x] Back, back, back, back, and forth from Ca-li to New York [Verse Three: Dove] We, we, we, we regulate and cross plates, destruct ya Toss coins to distract it and we bust ya Minds blow bigger than tempers out in Russia Cuss like a sailor, make you shame like thelya Stitch a verse tailored to fit Spray paintin' your spit on the deco we art, spread apart I raid mo' tracks than flicks in ";Beat Street"; with kicks until the sole/Soul wear out, never that! We weather that, you light in the ass and feather that Heavy like black leather coats, you pleather that Last dick on the line, we way ahead of that Squeezin like Freddie Foxx, and his two glocks Rocks don't impress niggaz who speak to God We get jams to make a tuna melt Held down by the BEP, we strictly, new getty Two-fifty up in front of the mic, so what it look like? [Chorus to fade] Back, back, back, back, and forth from Ca-li to New York

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