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Название: After All (The Dead)
Исполнитель: Black Sabbath
Альбом: Dehumanizer
Год: 1992
Язык: Английский

    What do you say to the dead? Will you forgive me for living? Can't believe the things that they said Wonderful day for a killing It's killing me What do they do with your soul? Is it just lying there busted? When did you lose all control? Is there someone to be trusted, With my mind? Oh there's insufficient evidence Of what just might come after But sometimes out of nowhere There's demented sounds of laughter Are we all haunted by the ghost . imagination? It just can't be I've seen them there Howling at the moon Is it just me or does somebody else believe this? Well i'm not alone And i'm not afraid There's just one way to see After all. After all. After all. After all. What do you say to the dead? Is there a place where it's burning? It says in a book i once read Yes there's a chance of returning Turn to me The fundamental principles Say nothing of forever But those are voices that i hear Or i'm just not so clever It can't be me i know somebody else believes this Well i'm not alone I'm not afraid Just one way to see After all. After all. Coming after all After all. After all. (ah-ah-ah...) After all. After all.

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