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Название: The Writ
Исполнитель: Black Sabbath
Альбом: Sabotage
Год: 1974
Язык: Английский

    The way I feel is the way I am I wish I'd walked before I started to run to you Just to you What kind of people do you think we are? Another joker who's a rock and roll star for you Just for you The faithful image of another man The endless ocean of emotion I swam for you Yeah for you The shot troopers laying down on the floor I wish they'd put an end to my running war with you Yeah with you Are you metal, are you man? You've changed in life since you began Yeah began Ladies digging gold from you Will they still dig now you're through Yeah you're through You bought and sold me with your lying words The voices in the deck That you never heard came through Yeah came through Your folly finally got to spend with a gun A poisoned father who has poisoned his son, That's you Yeah that's you I beg you please don't let it get any worse The anger I once had has turned to a curse on you Yeah curse you All of the promises that never came true You're gonna get what is coming to you, that's true Ah, that's true Are you Satan, are you man? You've changed in life since it began It began Vultures sucking gold from you Will they still suck now you're through (Cats, Rats) The search is on, so you just better run And find yourself another way Probably dead, they don't feel a thing To keep them living for another day (Rats, Rat) You are nonentity, you have no destiny You are a victim of a thing unknown A mantle picture of a stolen soul A fornication of your golden throne A smiling face, it means the world to me So tired of sadness and of misery My life it started some time ago Where it will end, I don't know I thought I was so good I thought I was fine I feel my world is out of time But everything is gonna work out fine If it don't I think i'll lose my mind Yeah! I know, I know, I know, yeah yeah I know Listen to me while I sing this song You might just think the words are wrong Too many people advising me But they don't know what my eyes see But everything is gonna work out fine If it don't I think i'll Blow my mind

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