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Название: Home Again
Исполнитель: Blackmore's Night
Альбом: Fires At Midnight
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    I've been many places I've traveled 'round the world Always on the search for something new But what does it matter When all the roads I've crossed Always seem to return to you… Old familiar faces Everyone you meet Following the ways of the land Cobblestones and lanterns Lining every street Calling me to come home again Dancing in the moonlight Singing in the rain Oh, it's good to be back home again Laughing in the sunlight Running down the lane Oh, it's good to be back home again When you play with fire Sometimes you get burned It happens when you take a chance or two But time is never wasted When you've lived and learned And in time it comes back to you… And when I got weary I'd sit a while and rest Memories invading my mind All the things I'd treasured The ones I'd loved the best Were the things that I'd left behind…

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