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Название: I Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Исполнитель: Blackmore's Night
Альбом: Village Lanterne
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский
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    Standing in the rain The cold and angry rain In a long white dress A girl without a name She stood beneath the light Glowing like a candle bright I guess it doesn.t matter anymore I pulled along the side And offered her a ride Like the rolling mist she floated inside As we drove away She had nothing to say So I guess it doesn.t matter anymore *I believe something.s can.t be explained They are hidden in the mist and in the silver rain. The road was long It ran on When I heard her singing her silent song I knew the melody From my memory But I guess it Doesn.t Matter Anymore Finally she spoke Come pull off the road Saying she was headin. home I turned and she was gone I was all alone So I Guess It Doesn.t Matter Anymore As I walked away No reason to stay She had faded back into the grey A whisper in the trees You could hear it in the breeze Say I Guess It Doesn.t Matter Anymore

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