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Название: Killing Me
Исполнитель: Blank Theory
Альбом: Beyond The Calm Of The Corridor
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    It's all the moments that we'll never see I thought it was as perfect as it needed to be It kills to think it's over now and it kills to think you're someone else's I feel so restless' but I'd sleep forever It was all the conversations we've had a million times before It's much too late to go back' but it's killing me to be alone Now I'll crawl back into myself and I'll shut out the rest of the world It kills to think it's gone forever and it kills to think I lost myself again Invisible Some days I'm watching it all from the outside Looking in and the world is shrinking' picking apart whatever skin is left on me Wondering what it is I have to do Wondering what it is I have to lose Every day they try to take another piece of my mind But tonight we're invisible to the world (we can all just disappear) Tonight we're untraceable and now it's possible to make the whole world disappear Some days I'm losing it all by the moment I awake The voice is telling me to try to ignore the face's eyes crawling all over us Wondering why they just can't let it go Wondering why they can't leave me alone Because every day they try to take another piece of my mind You can't take this life away from me You can't take away this piece of my mind Tonight is beautiful Tonight you're beautiful.

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