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Название: Corporation
Исполнитель: Blank Theory
Альбом: Beyond The Calm Of The Corridor
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    The less I know is more' but I already know too much And now I'm held inside a tortured face She didn't really care and she was one of them I guess that's why she left but now it's me that's scared They'll take it all when the walls come crashing down They'll take my faith' they'll take us all away They'll take my face Now I've kind of changed' I guess I need some help Everywhere I go' that place is bugged I fear I can hear them in the back and they're fighting the medicine The only me I know is the me they built they in me Just some time ago' I was just fine The powers that be were all on my side But I sure don't belong and I'm all by myself' And I'm the one who knows our lives have disappeared.

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