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Название: Fear Of God
Исполнитель: Blank Theory
Альбом: Beyond The Calm Of The Corridor
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    It's so real that I can taste This whole world has gone to waste We feel crippled It's not real what you've become (hypnotized so many times that you're paralyzed' you won't take another look away) Never meant to be so tied into all these clones You feel criminal' it's not real what you've become Know that you've been warned and know that this book is my escape You'll see when the final curtain falls' I swear you've all been warned It's covered across this world' we're confused about our place We feel crippled' it's not real what you've become Never meant to be so dressed up in witches clothes You feel crippled' it's not real what you've become We're lead through fear So afraid to be alone Here we crawl through life so afraid Martyr they've built this place in here it's where I'm banished' Stuck again and I want to pass my breathe to all of you.' to all of those who would have died Could I go on and wear the marks of a thousand years and scorn the angels That I've born while desperately crawling back to the womb. crawling back to the womb I've lost Could I go on.. a knife in the hands of a beautiful woman Will cast a spell worth a thousand years I wish you would hold onto me' I wish you'd remember me when I'm gone I die for all of you

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