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Название: Going Away To College
Исполнитель: Blink 182
Альбом: Enema Of The State
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Please take me by the hand It's so cold out tonight I'll put blankets on the bed I won't turn out the light Just don't forget to think about me And I won't forget you I'll write you once a week she said Why does it feel the same To fall in love or break it off And if young love is just a game Then I must have missed the kick off Don't depend on me to ever follow through on anything But I'd go through hell for you and I haven't been this scared in a long time And I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody This world's and ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me I'll think about the times She kissed me after class And she put up with my friends I acted like an ass I'd ditch my lecture to watch the girls play soccer Is my picture still hanging in her locker?

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