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Название: Here's Looking At You
Исполнитель: Blondie
Альбом: Autoamerican
Год: 1980
Язык: Английский

    As I sit staring into this liquid amber, ripples move out to the edge of the glass. Is that really your reflection in there? I just want to jump into the warm depths and be there with you, one more time! Oh, alright Hit it boys My initials sprayed across a pavement Cut into your private interview Talk to me now, step into my room We'll have a word or two If I ever had a million dollars And if I didn't give it all to you Would you lose interest? Show me indifference? Foot in another shoe? Not very high heels Not wearing sneakers too A magazine ad, a printed canvas A basic new shade blue suede shoe Thought I'd like to have a little party Thought I'd like to have a little do Sure I stopped drinking but for the moment Honey, here's looking at you I'll stop my drinking, give you my promise true Clean out the closet, be existential And cast a vote for the president too But for the action of the moment Nothing does what it ought to do Instant depression, I learned my lesson Nothing that I'd rather do Come on over my place Can't see him sideways Honey, here's looking at you Oh

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