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Название: Shakedown
Исполнитель: Blondie
Альбом: The Curse Of Blondie
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    I used to get sick with solitude I was always better in the multitude But now I like it up here all alone in my ivory tower Hi-ho at the end of my rope I watch it all through a telescope I think I'd have a better chance to see the pope I get so bored with his shtick and his mini-minute dick And all his high and mighty shit, I'm a witch Well, well, well a wish wanna throw it in a ditch I'm concentrating on the big laugh You just acting like that damn old Riff-Raff Shakedown baby I don't want to have to see What you got hiding in your body cavity I'm so sick of your Jersey rap Your slab rat white as a tic-tac Why don't you take a dirt nap You make me laugh and I know who I'm laughing at Big Jersey hoo-haa Like your style, like your freedom of speech Like your dirty thoughts, like your Cream of Wheat Tuesday is out Never may be great, level down and read 'em From the Garden State, this is a Jersey plate Saturdayin' pretty driving in the city Your boom is a distortion Your act is a contortion The perfume and pretension Your hair in invention Ha,Ha,Ha the hive is humming I thought I heard it all But there's still more coming Put it in, put it in, put it in, why don't you put it in You said your name was what What kind of a name is that Shooting past me on the turnpike Should have told you to take a hike But there was something I don't know what That I guess I kind of like, that nasty attitude Mediterranean lastitude I guess you did give me a rush Yeah you gave me a thrill Felt so hot and flushed I even had to take a pill And your pattern yeah your method yeah The way you deliver long and slow The way you get your percussion going Going strong, and it's my turn to be blowing Yeah singing my song You think you know me Think again Who's your friend Who put this freak flag in the mail Why you sending me this pig tail You back in Jail I got your post card saying How it is in that pen your in Signed don't forget me, lot's of love from adrenaline Give it a rest, give it a rest You got one dimension pure pretension Cross the river start to shiver Over to the big smoke, and it's no joke I told you one more word from you About Jersey and your dead Let me lick that uh uh Can I kiss that, no Let me kiss that Let me lick that come on Let me lick that Uh huh it might be too sweet It won't be too sweet

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