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Название: Hope You're Holding Up
Исполнитель: Blood red shoes
Альбом: Box Of Secrets
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    I can see you standing, waiting, waiting to go There's nothing doing, no-one talking, nothing to show A look in the eye, a way to decide, to work out what's right Cos it's easy to slide on the move all the time I'm sorry I've not made the space to write The words never match up the thoughts on my mind It's not that I'm leaving, it's just things are changing I hope you're holding up I don't see you too much I can see you standing, waiting to go There's doing, no-one talking, nothing to show I still think it work, the words that we spoke to fix what we broke Looking for reasons, it's hard to see Would I change this for you? Or change this for me?

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