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Название: Shut Up
Исполнитель: Bloodhound Gang
Альбом: One Fierce Beer Coaster
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    I'm Jimmy Pop here in a jiffy heat me up and add oil I'm like a zit a wart a corn a cyst a festering boil I get under your skin and I sebaceously form I'm as deep as the plot to an amateur gay porn Keep ya hungry for more like Bangladesh Then I'll borg di borg do borg ya like the Swedish Chef Cause I'm one of a kind and kind of hard to find Kind of like an Injun without his fire water wine I'm like Schneider one day at a time I'm feeling like Bob Vila nailing up your behind To my wall like Daniel-son does I'm waxing on I'm waxing off I'm waxing just because I get wired like a Western Union and I got to be me And I got more balls than the daily lottery Like hemorrhoidal itch yo you can't ignore me Cause I'm more tongue and cheek than a lesbo orgy And I don't give a damn if you don't like me Cause' I don't like you cause you're not like me Second verse is different than the first I'm Jimmy Pop I am Jimmity Jimmity Pop I am I am See my name's not Hoover and I don't give a damn And I got a different angle like a parallelogram And you'll be all ears like a field of corn I'll make you Dizzy like Gillespie as I toot my own horn Like a No. 2 pencil I always got a point You'll want to share it with friends like a poorly rolled joint I'm Jimmy Pop y'all I'm Jimmy Pop y'all I'm an Alka Seltzer that's right you're a seagull As I continue to expand your head is gonna burst Leave a bad taste in your mouth like moldy Liverwurst Like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre I'll get in your face But then I'll brush you off like Aqua-Fresh toothpaste Cause I'm letting off steam like a Chinese Laundromat But I'm not a roll of Charmin so don't give me no crap And I don't give a damn if you don't like me Cause' I don't like you cause you're not like me I hate a lot of whites and I hate a lot of blacks I hate poopin' in public places but we all hate that I hate lesbian feminists cause they're all so damn ugly I hate Spin Magazine cause they never ever plug me I hate Regis and I hate Kathie Lee I hate every single movie by that midget Spike Lee I hate people that think that I care what they think I hate people that think that their ass don't stink I hate Jon Bon Jovi but I hate his music more I hate killing people cause I hate to keep score I hate you but you hate yourself too I hate to be honest but I'd hate to be you And I don't give a damn if you don't like me Cause' I don't like you cause you're not like me

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