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Название: Look Inside America
Исполнитель: Blur
Альбом: Blur
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Good morning lethargy Drink pepsi is good for energy The bath's on, smoke in the bedroom Sore throat and on my neck a nasty bruise Where it came from, well I don't know We played last night, it was a good show Got the play out on a second rate chatshow It's a nationwide deal, so we gotta go Chuck from the company says it'll be alright Got an add on K-ROQ and there's an instore tonight Well I build things up Then I let them go Got to get time share on the radio Look inside America, she's alright, she's alright Sitting out in the distance but I'm not trying to make up her mind Looking for America With its kookie nights and suicide Where the TV says it's alright Coz' everybody's hung up on something or other "Steppin' off in 20" so the driver says I should sleep tonight but I think I'll watch videos instead Annie Hall leaves NY in the end Press rewind Woody gets her back again And the whole world could have passed thru' me But I don't know if it means that much to me And the whole world could have passed thru' me But I don't know if it means that much to me

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