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Название: Stereotypes
Исполнитель: Blur
Альбом: The Great Escape
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    The suburbs they are dreaming, they are a twinkle in her eye She's been feeling frisky since her husband said goodbye She wears a low cut t-shirt runs a little bmw She's most accommodating when she's in her lingerie Wife swapping is the future, you know that it would suit you Yes, they're stereotypes, there must be more to life All your life you are dreaming and then you stop dreaming From time to time you know you should be going on another bender The suburbs they are sleeping but she's dressing up tonight She likes a man in uniform he loves to wear it tight They are on the lover's sofa they are on the patio And when the fun is over watch themselves on video The neighbours may be staring, but they are just past caring Yes, they're must be more to life, they're stereotypes Wife swapping is the future, you know that it would suit you

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