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Название: Highwater
Исполнитель: Bob Dylan
Альбом: Love and Theft
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Words and music by bob dylan Highwater risin', rising night and day All the gold and silver are being stolen away Big joe turner looking east and west from the dark room of his mind He made it to kansas city, twelfth street and vine Nothin' standing there Highwater everywhere Highwater rising the shacks are sliding down Folks lose their possessions, the folks are leaving town Reformation shook it, broke it, then she hung it on the wall Say you dancin' with whom they tell you to or you don't dance at all It's tough out there Highwater everywhere I got a craven love for blazin' speed I got a hopped up mustang ford Jump into the wagon, love Throw your panties overboard I can write you poems, make a strong man lose his mind I'm no pig without a wig, I hope you treat me kind Things are breakin' up out there Highwater everywhere Highwater rising, six inches above my head Coffins droppin' in the street like balloons made out of lead Water poured into vicksburg, don't know what I'm gonna do Don't reach out for me, she said, can't you see I'm drowning too It's rough out there Highwater everywhere Well, george lewes told the englishman, the italian and the jew You can't open up your mind, boys, to every conceivable point of view They got charles darwin trapped out there on highway 5 Judge says to the high sheriff, I want them dead or alive Either one, I don't care Highwater everywhere Well, the cuckoo is a pretty bird, she warbles as she flies I'm preachin' the word of god, I'm puttin' out your eyes I asked fat nancy for someth'n' to eat, she said take it off the shelf As great as you are man, you'll never be greater than yourself I told her I didn't really care Highwater everywhere I get up in the mornin', I believe I'll dust my broom Keepin' away from the women, I'm givin' them lots of room Thunder rollin' over clarksdale, everythin' a-lookin' blue I just can't be happy, love, unless you're happy too It's bad out there Highwater everywhere

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