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Название: Brain Washing
Исполнитель: Bob Marley
Альбом: African Herbsman
Год: 1990
Язык: Английский

    Ooh-ooh Old mr. joe, he build a house away On top of some hill Old mr. joe knew he had to go, so he He got right down and wrote bank will He say now, here's to mother hen And her chicken, lord have mercy now Master, will you take a roll in the mud Like you know you should? The old barnyard, the old barnyard Birds and the chick, ooh-wee Who's got to watch out for brother mongoose With his top hap and walking-stick? It's just the poor's brain washing (poor's ...) they told me a long time ago, It's just the poor's brain washing, ooh-wee (poor's brain washing) now look at a thing like this Cinderella and her long lost fellow In the midnight hour, she lost her silver slipper Humpty dumpty sat on a wall While jack and jill had themselves a fall It's just the poor's (... brain washing) And I don't need it no longer (... washing) It's just the poor's brain washing Coming through to a poor man's child, ooh-wee, look at this Little miss muffet she sat on a tuffet While little red riding hood delivered her grandmom's food Ooh-wee ooh-wee Ooh-wee, look at one more thing like this The cow jumping over the moon While the dish got jealous, he grabbed the handy spoon It's just the poor's brain washing And I don't need it no longer, I don't want it no longer I don't need it no longer (...washing) And I don't care for no more brain washing (... washing) ...

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