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Название: Silent Night
Исполнитель: Bon Jovi
Альбом: 7800 Fahrenheit
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский

    After the smoke clears When it's down to you and I When the sun appears And there's nothing left but good-byes We'll just turn and walk away How could we let it end like this Just turn and walk away Should we seal it with a kiss It's too late Now you're out and on the run It's too late Held up in love without a gun Silent night We hold up our candle light Silent night The night our love died No words to say And we're both too tired to fight Just hold me close and don't let go... It was all so simple when You were to be queen and I'd be your king I guess those dreams got lost Cause baby you're still you and I'm still me Now letting go It's always the hardest part to fight When we both know We're just two more victims of the night It's too late Too late to wonder why Much too late To save a love that's died. Just hold me close and don't let me go After the smoke cleared It was down to you and I When the sun appeared There was nothing left but good-byes... Silent night

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