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Название: I got the Girl
Исполнитель: Bon Jovi
Альбом: Crush
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    (Jon Bon Jovi) It feels like I'm walkin' on air Walk down our street When the neighbors stop to watch us going by You can hear 'em talking (let them talk) Sometimes I think that you're the only reason The sun still shines (when it shines) And when this wicked world starts bringing me down I tell myself that I'm one lucky guy Chorus I got the girl (holding all the cards) I got the girl (she's a work of art) I got the girl (who's gonna break my heart) She likes to wear her stripe with her plaids Won't brush her hair (I swear) She don't like wearing shoes in December But I don't care what she wears Repeat chorus If I was a holy man I'd get down on my knees So the angels that watch over her would give a break to me Holy Mother of saint bubble gum and Sister band-aid knees Won't you please pray for the ones like me But the truth is someday Somebody is gonna take her from me But the queen of hearts will always be A five-year-old princess to me (to me) Repeat chorus Chorus 2: I got the girl (she's gonna leave her mark) I got the girl (she's a work of art) I got the girl (she's gonna break your heart) I got the girl, oh yeah I got the girl, I got the girl She’s gonna…I got the girl, yeah I got the girl, I got the girl I got the girl

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